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Mix Master David at Josephine Atlanta Lounge

Mix Master David

Saturday And Sunday Night DJ

Atlanta-based international DJ Mix Master David originally hails from the small community of Mount Friendship in St Andrew, Jamaica. Mix Master David himself likes to push the envelope in his career. David is a humorous, energetic and entertaining performer when on stage. He keeps the crowd moving and always has a few surprises up his sleeve as he always aims at creating the greatest show on Earth.

Fly Guy DC

Fly Guy DC

Sunday Night Party Host

Audley D. Feemster Jr. best known as “FlyGuyDC” or as ATL’s #1 Host is a native of the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC. Re-locating to what is known as “Black Hollywood” (Atlanta, Georgia) Mr. Feemster’s presidential qualities traveled to the South with him in his quest to be great. Fly Guy DC lives by his mantra that “Staying humble is key” and with this Fly Guy we can justify what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.

Emperor Searcy

Saturday Night Host

Both Searcy and the hip-hop format have matured since those heady days in 1995. He began in radio in 1993 at WRFG-FM, the odd-ball independent station at 89.3 that draws hipsters and people who hate corporate radio. He and international DJ and rapper Lil Jon did a show together for three years.

DJ Babu


Friday and Saturday Night DJ

International Party Genius. Resident DJ Josephine Lounge .

DJ Jay Tek

DJ Jay Tek

Sunday Night DJ

Jay is a man that controls the soundtrack to streets in one of the largest urban markets, Atlanta. Incredulously astounded by his accomplishments he says, ``I'm just a regular guy from Buffalo.`` Jay Tek is the assistant program director at Streetz 94.5. He's rocked parties around country. He's toured with his favorite R&B artist, Donell Jones. He's worked at several radio stations. A steady grind of work ethic and faith has lead him to an unexpected position at Streetz.